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EOV and EOSL announcement

upCast 5.x will enter EOV state on 2009-02-01. It will enter EOSL state in 12/2009. upCast 5.x has been replaced by upCast RT. For the full announcement, see here.

Obtaining a License

Our application will function in a very limited trial mode until licensed. We therefore strongly recommend to request a license in parallel to downloading the application binary. We offer several licensing options, some of them free of charge. For details, see our upCast Licenses page.


Current Version: 5.5.4 (Build 871)

Platform Size    
Windows 95/98/2000/XP (Installer) 9.4 MB  Download

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Purchase a License
Overview: Product Licensing Basics

Windows 95/98/2000/XP
incl. Java Virtual Machine (Installer)
20.3 MB  Download
Mac OS X (Disk Image) 9.0 MB  Download
Unix + Linux (Installer) 8.8 MB  Download
upcast.jar 8.8 MB  Download


Description Size  
upCast Documentation (ZIPped HTML folder) 472 KB  Download
Complete API Documentation (ZIPped javadoc HTML archive) 348 KB  Download


XSLT Sheets

Description Size  
Remove xml:lang attributes from XML document 3 KB  Download
Remove <gentext>…</gentext> markup (keep contents) 3 KB  Download
Create HTML report of used styles in XML (upCast DTD) document instance 4 KB  Download
DocBook 4.2 Export Filter XSLT
The XSLT that the DocBook 4.2 export filter uses to post process the internal raw tree to DocBook 4.2 format
*provided AS-IS, no warranties*
26 KB  Download

Unicode Mapping Tables

Description Size  
Named character entities
Standard set of named character entities
8 KB  Download
Numerical character entities
The full range of hi-ASCII characters is output in numerical (decimal) character entity notation
8 KB  Download

Custom Export Filter Samples (Java source code)

Description Size  
XHTML 1.0 (strict)
source code of the built-in export filter
60 KB  Download
XML Raw Tree Dumper
source code of the built-in development aid
8 KB  Download

Legacy Resources

Description Size  
upCast 4 DTD to DocBook Conversion
This is a slightly modified version of the original upCast to DocBook XSLT processing sheet, brought up-to-date to work with output generated by upCast 4.0.
This is a rather simple, interim solution until a more powerful DocBook conversion solution is available.
*provided AS-IS, no warranties*
8 KB  Download
upCast 3 DTD to upCast 4 DTD Conversion
Converts XML (generic DTD) documents created with upCast 3.x to the new upCast 4 DTD which downCast uses for conversion; can be used as pre-processing stylesheet in downCast (with appropriate "default.css" to be added; see stylesheet comments)
*provided AS-IS, no warranties*
26 KB  Download


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