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Two-dimensional Licensing: Feature & Environment

Licenses for our products are constructed from dimensions: Feature and Environment. Pricing is set for each available combination of values for these two. For details on available Features for each product and the Environment categories supported, see the dedicated listings for downCast and upCast.

Free Evaluation License

For evaluation purposes, infinity-loop offers an Evaluation License. An Evaluation License grants you the right to use the software for a certain period of time. Some features may be limited or disabled. Additionally, you are entitled to use all of our Technical Support options during the evaluation period we offer our customers.

When using the software with an Evaluation License, you may not use the software and/or obtained results for any commercial purpose. When the Evaluation License expires, you must either obtain a Private License (if available), or a regular, paid-up License for the software. Otherwise, you are obliged to completely remove the software and all copies you may have made thereof from your computer and any backup media.

Time-limited Evaluation Licenses can be requested free of charge. Just click on the Request License link, fill in the form and you'll receive your free evaluation license within 2 business days (but usually much earlier).

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EDU License

infinity-loop does offer EDU (educational or academic) Licenses. Please contact us at for details.

downCast EDU License pricing
upCast EDU License pricing

Purchasing from infinity-loop

Standard purchases are processed by element5 AG's secure service shareIt on behalf of infinity-loop. You can buy all product/feature combinations online that have the shopping cart symbol . All such purchases can be made by Credit Card or Cheque.

If you want to pay by wire-transfer, please do contact us directly instead at Doing so will reduce turnaround time significantly and we weill be able to send you your license much quicker.

Please note that Credit Card payments for licenses which do not have the symbol (and therefore cannot be purchased online) incur an additional fee of 5% of the total amount. Therefore, we recommend paying by wire-transfer.


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