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Version Upgrades

Upgrades from downCast 1.0 to the compatible current product of downCast 1.5 are free.

Your existing 1.0.x License Key remains valid for downCast 1.5.

License Upgrades

We offer a painless way of upgrading licenses for our products. If you find e.g. at some time that downCast GUI Single-User license does no longer cover your requirements, you may switch licenses to, say, downCast API Workgroup-Server for the difference in list price - it's that simple. Note, however, that we do not offer the possibility to "downgrade", that is we do not offer a refund when switching to a more economically priced license. Cross-product switches (downCast to upCast or vice-versa) are not available.


Product Switch Pricing
downCast 1.5 GUI Single-User to downCast 1.5 API Workgroup-Server EUR 1400
downCast 1.5 API Workgroup-Server to downCast 1.5 API Site-Server EUR 3500

To order an upgrade, please contact us directly at <>.

Volume Licensing

We offer discounts on volume licensing. For details, please contact us directly at <>.

EDU Licensing

For use in an educational, noncommercial environment. It allows YOU as a member of an educational or research facility to run downCast for educational and research purposes only. (This does not include the facility's administration departments.)

Evaluation Single-User Workgroup-Server Site-Server
GUI free EUR 30
API EUR 150 EUR 450 EUR 1500

For more details and ordering licenses, please contact us directly at <>.

Private License

You may request a free downCast Private License to always use the most current version of downCast solely for your personal, private and non-commercial use. Specifically, obtained results may not be used to generate revenue (directly or indirectly) and obtained results may not be used for commercial purposes. YOU as a single individual user may run only one instance of downCast at a time on a single computer. downCast Private Licenses are only available for the GUI feature.

Requests need to be made by informal email using a valid email address as its origin to:
and must include all of the following pieces of information:


infinity-loop reserves the right to not honor a Private License request at its own discretion without specifying any reason, as well as to terminate this offer at any time.

Since all requests are reviewed by a human, please allow 2 to 3 days for delivery.

Privacy statement: Your personal information is kept in a database at infinity-loop for the sole purpose of handling all issues regarding your Private License request. Your personal information is never disclosed to any other party.



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