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API (javadoc)

downCast Manual

CSS2 specification

XSLT specification

Known Issues

A list of known issues and problems with downCast 1.8.3 (Build 862) can be found here.


For some of the most commonly asked questions (or the fictitous ones we come up with at our daily after-work parties…) we have already answers available.

View the FAQ


[TN 1] Converting Unicode to RTF using Font and Encoding information
Describes how downCast converts Unicode characters to their RTF equivalent representations.


downCast Documentation

The full downCast documentation is available online  here.

upCast DTD Documentation

The documentation of the upCast DTD which is the input format downCast accepts can be found here  here.

Hidden Parameters

downCast has some hidden parameters for very special use cases, so we did not provide a user interface element for it to not confuse the regular user. However, when accessing functionality using the API for very special situations, you may find one or another option useful. These are documented not in the manual since new ones might get introduced in interim releases and we don't like the idea of outdated documentation hogging up your valuable time (and hard disk).

View the current Hidden Parameter documentation.

Release Notes

Want to know what changed in a specific release of upCast? Have a look at our release notes.


Here, we'll shortly make available step-by-step guides to common tasks.

Technical Support

You can help us address your message quickly by providing the following information with your report:

Support email address:

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